2018 Contestants Light Up San Antonio

2018 Contestants Light Up San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO (March 29, 2018) – William & Mary’s Connor Burchfield, Michigan’s Katelynn Flaherty and Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Joe Kilgore tonight won their respective events at the 2018 State Farm College Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championships. The 30th annual event featured 24 of the nation’s top college basketball players entertaining a sold-out crowd at Bill Greehey Arena in San Antonio. The program was broadcast live on ESPN2.

Former San Antonio Spurs stars George Gervin, Sean Elliott and Bruce Bowen judged the Dunkin’ Donuts Slam Dunk Championship along with former NBA player and slam dunk champion Nate Robinson and former NBA player and current ESPN personality, Jay Williams.

Jay Williams represented the fans’ vote on social media as the “Dunkin’ Donuts 5th Judge”. After each dunk, fans were able to vote by tweeting #DunkinSlam followed by #PlayerLastNameRating 

The results of each competition are as follows:

Applebee’s Team Shootout

Taylor Dunham (Navy), TK Edogi (Iona) and Conner Frankamp (Wichita State) won the Applebee’s Team Shootout.

Great Clips Men’s 3-Point Championship

First Round
Conner Frankamp (Wichita State): 24

Jonathan Stark (Murray State): 23

Connor Burchfield (William & Mary): 22

Dakota Mathias (Purdue): 18

Andrew Rowsey (Marquette): 17

Matt Farrell (Notre Dame): 14

Marcus Foster (Creighton): 13

Donovan Jackson (Iowa State): 12


Jonathan Stark (Murray State): 24

Connor Burchfield (William & Mary): 21

Conner Frankamp (Wichita State): 18

Dakota Mathias (Purdue): 16


Final Round
Connor Burchfield (William & Mary): 21

Jonathan Stark (Murray State): 14


Marine’s Women’s 3-Point Championship

First Round
Katelynn Flaherty (Michigan): 18

Rebecca Greenwell (Duke): 18

Imani Wright (Florida State): 16

Taylor Dunham (Navy): 16

Kristen Confroy (Maryland): 13

Lexie Brown (Duke): 12

Ariel Atkins (Texas):12

Carlie Wagner (Minnesota): 11


Katelynn Flaherty (Michigan): 26

Rebecca Greenwell (Duke): 22

Imani Wright (Florida State): 14

Taylor Dunham (Navy): 10

Final Round
Katelynn Flaherty (Michigan): 25

Rebecca Greenwell (Duke): 18


Samsung Straight Talk Battle of the Champions

Connor Burchfield (William & Mary) defeated Katelynn Flaherty (Michigan) in the Samsung Straight Talk Battle of Champions by a score of 18 to 14.


Dunkin’ Donuts Slam Dunk Championship

First Round
Joseph Kilgore (Texas A&M Corpus Christi): 49.91

DeShun Patterson (Tabor College): 49.82

Max Pearce (Purchase College): 48.83

Zach Smith (Texas Tech): 47.87

Carlton Hurst (South Dakota): 42.80

Jacobi Boykins (Louisiana Tech): 33.79

TK Edogi (Iona): 32.10

Junior Robinson (Mount St. Mary's): 23.68

Joseph Kilgore (Texas A&M Corpus Christi): 89.64
Zach Smith (Texas Tech): 87.36
Max Pearce (Purchase College): 87.21
DeShun Patterson (Tabor College): 73.10

Final Round
Joseph Kilgore (Texas A&M Corpus Christi): 50.00
Zach Smith (Texas Tech): 48.94